The Planete Uncooked

The dough is flavoured with lemon zest which brings a touch of freshness and flavor fade of the oil.

All our donuts are cooked without palm oil

The Planete Uncooked

A selection of the best doughnuts and uncooked doughnuts to bring an extra touch of sweetness to your assortment and meet all desires, big or small. These doughnuts offer a delicious, airy and mellow dough.  Chocolate and hazelnut doughnuts, natural beach doughnuts, strawberry filled doughnuts …  a wide choice is waiting for you!

Le cru


Puff pastry

The puff pastry is a basic recipe and a knack to know to make pastries.Planete Gourmets excels in the matter.



Cooked dough is a basic recipe and a knack to know to make pastries. Planete Gourmets excels in this area.

Le cru

La Gamme de Planete.

Bread with milk 80g

Pure butter, natural or flavored with orange flower

Round bun

Pure butter, natural or flavored with orange flower. in 60g or 80g

Uncooked doughnut 55g

To cook !

Jésuite aux amandes 180g

Garni à la crême patissière

Sacristain aux amandes 150g

Pâte feuilletée torsadée

Fougasse aux gratons 500g

A partager !

“Une très belle découverte ”

Le cru

Daria WOLF

Directrice consultante

Quality has always been central to PLANETE GOURMETS.

Since our creation, our top priority is to offer our customers the products of the highest quality possible and meeting the highest performance requirements. This global approach involves all our employees on a daily basis in all countries, in all our subsidiaries, for each of the products we manufacture.



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